Welcome to Uncle Roy’s Music!

(360) 400-1100



You’re always welcome to stop by and browse around, buy something really expensive or just sit and talk about what’s going on in your life.



Please be safe and use our free parking lot! Enter the lot through the alley behind the store and then come in the store through the front door on the street. Thanx!

Just remember what Uncle Roy said;


Don’t touch my hat.


Why “Uncle Roy’s”?

Yes, we had an Uncle Roy. Many people have had an uncle named Roy but our Uncle Roy was a music enthusiast who believed in getting the family together as much as possible. Music was always a center piece at these gatherings so as a tribute to him we have named our store after him.


Uncle Roy’s Music offers a 5% discount on all retail purchases to all active-duty, active reservists, honorably discharged veterans and law enforcement personnel that serve our great country.


updated 4/12/18