Do you like music? We sure do. We can’t go more than a few hours without listening or playing some. With decades of musical experience under our collective belts we realize that we have something to offer. Honor, integrity, family, community. We live by these ideals and we do business by them as well. We’ll do our best to bring you great products and even better service. We believe that if you do things right, you don’t have to worry about success. You won’t be able to stop it.


Who Are We?

We’re a family. Two brothers and their wives who decided that Los Angeles had taken enough of their time and set out to establish a new homestead in Washington State back in 2008. Along with a couple kids, some grandparents and a whole herd of dogs and cats, we started a new chapter in our life. Come be part of our community here in the Pacific Northwest.

Why A Music Store?

A long time ago in a small city far, far away, a music store helped to shape the futures of the Wiiki family. That store provided a place to gather, a place to play music and a place to enjoy a treasure trove of musical gear. We want to make a place like that here in the Yelm/Rainier, WA area.

Thanks, Al.