Bluegrass @ Rayne Recording

Say Hello to Bluegrass is an informal gathering of musicians, singers, listeners, friends & family who enjoy family, friendship and live old time/gospel/bluegrass music. We meet right here in the store on the First Saturday of the month, 3-4 PM.

2012-06-30 17.16.11Please note that this is NOT a traditional “jam”. 🙂

Already know how to play?
Join in.

Can’t play very well?
Come and learn in a no-pressure atmosphere.

Never learned to play but always wanted to start?
Ask us about lessons.

Just like to listen?
Come in and enjoy.

Our goal is NOT to show off our God-given talents.

Our goal IS to provide people with a REASON to play and PLACE to do it. We really want your feedback to help us plan.

We want this gathering to be low-key, informal, no-pressure, etc. We appreciate “fine-picking” but know it can be very intimidating for those who are just starting. With that in mind, and keeping with Uncle Roy’s Music’s spirit of teaching and sharing, we ask that you:

“Don’t show off. Show me how.”

Pass along the knowledge you have. It’s a double blessing that promotes musicianship and friendship.