Lessons with Ray

UncleRoysMusicRay.299210902_std                  Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin,Drums, Recording

Why are “Lessons With Ray”better than some guy coming to your house?

When you take “Lessons With Ray”, you get the full resources of Uncle Roy’s Music. Ray is one of the owners, not a contractor or college student who can’t find your house in the dark.

We have a safe, secure, climate controlled room with ample space for a parent or friend to act as an observer without getting in the way of learning. We’re right in the middle of Yelm with a private parking lot and security lighting with cameras.


Is there any restrictions on student age?
We prefer that our students be between the age of 12 and 156. If you have a child who is 11, we may consider lessons after a short interview between Ray and the child. This interview is free of charge. It is completely up to Ray if he feels that he can be effective with the child. Please talk to Wayne to schedule an interview.

What genres of music does Ray cover?
With 40 years of experience playing and teaching, Ray is versed in rock (including most of the substrata), blues, country, bluegrass and some jazz. He hasn’t had a student yet who was disappointed with his ability to move them forward in their chosen genre.
Now comes the most important question: How much?
“Lessons With Ray” are billed on a monthly basis. The price is $100 per month which affords you (4) 30 minute lessons, one per week. We believe that the level of service you get for the money is significantly above the “average” lesson in the area. Stop in to the store and talk to Wayne about scheduling.