Did you notice that our name isn’t “Uncle Roy’s Musical Instruments”? It isn’t even “Uncle Roy’s Music Store”. It’s “Uncle Roy’s Music”. Music is more than just instruments, notes on a sheet of paper or a stack of old vinyl! It’s a living, breathing experience. It’s community and camaraderie. That’s what we really offer. And we’d like to offer it to you.

What do we have to offer?

New/Used Stringed Instruments


Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, an occasional banjo or two (or five). Maybe a mandolin or autoharp. We play stringed instruments, you should too! Come see us and start on your road to being a “real” guitar hero. (Or just play for your own enjoyment. We won’t tell on you!)

As an official dealer of Dean, Luna, Washburn,  and Vintage Brand guitars we suggest you come in and try their fine instruments.


New/Used Amplifiers for Sale



You like it loud? We can help you make it loud, some items go all the way to “11”. We can also help you make it good. And for the right price, we can do both!

We are an official Orange, Ampeg, and Vox dealer so we can get any of their current production models. We also have several small, used practice amps for the beginner in your family (and some not-so-little ones for the rocker in the garage).

We buy tube amps, working or not as well. Ask us if we’re interested in your old broken beast.




We are a DDrums, Zildjian Cymbals and Sabian Cymbals dealer! If you haven’t seen them, you really should.


There’s a great selection of drum batter heads (Remo, Evans & Aquarian) and all the little pieces and parts that your little brother loses from your hardware.


You want sticks? We’ve got sticks. Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Regal Tip, Vater…

Musical Accessories


Need a plectrum? How about a capo? Do you want to know what those things are? We can help. Stands, cases, tuners, effects boxes, straps, strings, cables, you name it. If we don’t have it in stock, we can probably get it.


We currently stock items from Allparts, Amahi, Ampeg, Aquarian, Aquila Strings, Audio Technica, Belmonte, Big Bends, Black Diamond, Boss, Chartier, Claytpm. CMC. Coffin Case, Conquest, Cool Plec, Dampit, Danelectro, Danmar, Dava, Ddrum, Dean, Dixon, D’Addario, Electro Harmonix, Elixir, Ernie Ball, Evans, Everly, Fender, Flight Form, Fort Bryan, G7th, GHS, Gibraltar, Graph Tech, Groove Tubes, Guardian, Hal Leonard, Hamilton, Hearos, Henry Heller, Herco, Hercules, Hipshot, Hohner, Hosa, HQ Percussion, Humes & Berg, Jim Dunlop, JJ/Tesla, John Pearse, Johnson, Kaces, KMC (Kaman Music), Ken Smith, Korg, Kyser, La Bella, La Voz, Lace, LAG, Laney, Lanikai, Lee Oskar, Levy’s LM Straps, LP, Luna, Mackie, Manhasset, Martin, MBT, Mel Bay, Mighty Mite, ModTone, Morley, MXR, Nady, Orange, Oscar Schmidt, Peavey, Ping, Planet Waves, Primacoustic, Pro Mark, Rapco, Red Label, Regal Tip, Remo, Retro Parts, Rhythm Tech, Rico, Rotosound, Sabian, Samson, SansAmp, Savarez, Seymour Duncan, Shadow, Shubb, Shure, Signal Flex, SKB, Snail, Snarling Dogs, Stageline, String Swing, Switchcraft, Tama, TKL, Toca, Ultra, USA Retro-Fit Parts, Van Doren, Vater, Vic Firth, Vintage, Visual Sound, Vox, Washburn, WD, Whitehall, Yamaha & Zildjian. More to come!