Repairs? Guitars & Amps, we’ll take care of you.


If you’ve got something broken, bring it in. We’ll do the best we can to get it fixed. We’ve got skills and connections. Ray has been very busy doing guitar setups and amp repairs. Ask around, he’s making people happy.


Basic Repair Menu: (prices do not include parts/all prices subject to change without notice)

Guitar Setup: Electric=$50, Acoustic=$55, Locking Trem=$60, 12 string=$70

Reglue Bridge (Acoustic): 6 string=$75, 12 string=$100

Install under-saddle pickup on acoustic = $125 and up

Replace output jack = $25

Replace nut = 4/6 string=$50, 12 string=$60

Replace pickup (per pickup) = $50

Replace pot (per pot) = $25

Replace switch (per switch) = $50

String Change: 4/6 string=$15, 12 string=$30

Replace tuning machines: 6 = $35, 12=$60

Amp/electronic repair = T/M (Time & materials @ $60/hour)

Guitar repair tech rates are $50/hour, electronic repair tech rates are $60/hour. We have a minimum 1/2 hour charge for troubleshooting and diagnosis if you decide to not have the work done here. Please remember that repair services are taxable in the State of Washington.